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Indy Duct Specialists has made our clients’ job easy. You are only 3 decisions away from a fully restored ductwork system.

Step 1

Do your research! Many companies will try to sell you products or services you do not need. This is precisely why Indy Duct Specialists recommend a Single Stage Air Flow Audit. This is a fantastic diagnostic tool that gives the homeowner an immense amount of information with which to make an informed decision.


Step 2

Based on the results of Step 1, the homeowner has either received a satisfactory result, or decided to proceed with Duct Sealing. At this point, the client should select which type of duct sealing will suit their needs. Now it’s time to relax, from here on out Indy Duct Specialists has everything under control.

Step 3

Step 3 is where we complete the Dual Stage Air Flow Audit. This is a free gift from us, to you. It proves to our clients that the work we did will yield them real world results. We execute an additional Single Stage Air Flow Audit after we complete our duct sealing process. We compile the data, and then plug this data, along with the data harvested prior to your duct sealing into our formula, and we can then quantify the effectiveness of you service. You are 75% of the way there!

Step 4

Decide whether or not you want to top everything off with a Duct Cleaning. If you have executed Steps 1-3, Indy Duct Specialists highly recommend a duct cleaning. Performing Steps 1-4 is the penultimate ductwork service. This is a complete restoration of your ductwork from the inside out. Your ductwork will perform better than when they were installed. Guaranteed.




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