Duct Cleaning

What Exactly IS the Single Stage Air Flow Audit?

An Air Flow Audit will help ensure you that your system pushes the conditioned air at optimal and balanced rates between rooms for even, and efficient cooling and heating.  By using the information from a flow audit, your technician will be able to extrapolate a great deal of information as to how your ductwork, and subsequently your HVAC system, is performing.

If you are unsure about whether or not duct sealing is right for your application, this is the PERFECT place to start.

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What Exactly IS the Dual Stage Air Flow Audit?


Our Technicians will measure the LFM, and CFM airflow at each register and cold air return in your house or business.  If the customer has selected the basic flow audit, the info will be compiled and presented to the customer.


Our Technicians will proceed to seal your ductwork and HVAC system in the manner selected by you. Remember that different sealing methods take varying amounts of time to complete, and they yield different results.


After the ductwork has been sealed, our technicians will conduct another airflow measurement at each register, and compile this data next to the previous data, and present our client with a statement of improvement.

​This is the package for the discerning client.  One that demands results.  We PROVE that our process works.  Each Time, Every Time.